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The technique of producing terracotta building products was known to the Indian and Chinese technocrats from time immemorial. Even in the Vedic period for all “Yaga Karmas”, “Itta” or the brick as it’s now known to the western world, was an essential requisite. That means they made it in those days itself and the technology was known to them. Even in the old relics of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro we find terracotta bricks and idles. So it’s clear that for building houses and for making artefacts and objects for worship, they used clay and burned it to give it a permanent shape. It has stood the test of time. It has served the purpose for centuries. It has been too close to nature and health friendly, life-friendly. It has remained intact for millenniums. What else do we require to ensure the supremacy of terracotta products as a building material of choice?

In the modern era mechanisation has helped us to produce more eco-friendly, sturdier, more aesthetically appealing products with lesser weight and better breaking strength. This will, further, make it the choicest of wall building and roofing materials.

Know its benefits, economic and ecological importance, aesthetic advantages and above all, its ability to protect you for centuries. Use it and recommend it for everyone you know. Never substitute a better material with inferior stuff. Terracotta or clay products are the ideal choices.